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woman helping preschool girl in wheelchair cut paper

Full- and Part-Time Schedules

If we offer you a space in our center, we will specify what schedule is available at that timefive days per week, three days per week or two days per week. Although we will do our best to honor the schedule you request on your application, our offer will be based on availability.

How Part-Time Schedules Work

We have part-time spaces available, either two or three full days a week. The more flexible you are in which days you choose, the more likely we will find a space for your child.

Please note that once you have enrolled, it may be difficult for you to add days to your child's schedule. Because our center is designed to transition children from one age group to the next as best meets their developmental needs, we typically give priority to children transitioning from younger classrooms ahead of families requesting additional days within their existing classrooms.

If you are considering a schedule change, be sure to speak to the center director about your needs so that we can make every effort to accommodate your request.

Updated 08/21/2015