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We believe that when you compare Homewood ELC tuition rates to comparable options, you will find that our tuition is competitive and delivers exceptional value. We evaluate Homewood ELC's staff compensation, other center expenses and tuition rates on an annual basis to ensure that we maintain our ability to competitively recruit teachers and provide high-quality care at a cost that is within reach of our families.

Monthly TuitionFull-time  
10 weeks - 24 months (Infants & Toddlers)$2,114



25 - 36 months (Twos)$1,881  
Preschool > 36 months $1,607  

A five percent (5%) reduction in tuition is given to families who enroll two or more full-time children, from the same immediate family. The five percent reduction only applies to the oldest child.

Homewood ELC also charges:

  • An annual materials fee of $100 payable in two $50 increments with your September and February payments
  • An annual accident insurance fee of $5 payable in September or upon enrollment
  • Fees for special activities as they occur

Please remember that parents are responsible for providing lunch, and the center will provide breakfast, a morning snack for older infants and toddlers, and an afternoon snack.

Program Cost and Value

  • Tuition is market rate yet provides excellent, high quality child care.
  • High quality child care is labor intensive:
    • More staff (exceeds State required ratios)
    • Better staff (exceeds required minimum credentials)
  • DBCC operates the program based on parent fees.
  • Johns Hopkins University divisions and central administration are:
    • Investing more than $5 million in university resources to prepare the Stony Run site and build a first-class center.
    • Contributing to the operating costs of the facility and program.

Updated 7/2/2018