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Asian infant wearubg a purple hat

Waiting List

Homewood ELC has a waiting list for all developmental age groups: infant/toddler, two year olds and preschool. Selections from the waiting list are based on the admission priorities and procedures.

While on the waiting list, applicants may contact the center at any time. However, the center will contact you on a periodic basis via email to update your information and confirm your continued interest.

We will contact you if a space becomes available. You will be offered an opportunity to remain at the top of the waiting list if you decline our first offer of a space. If you decline a second offer, you will be removed from the waiting list. If you are removed from the list, you will need to reapply in the future if you want a space.

Each sibling needs to complete a separate application.

If your priority admission status changes while on the waiting list, your acceptance offer will be based on your status at the time a space becomes available.

If you are on the waiting list and no longer need to be, please contact the center to let us know.

Updated 11/15/2014