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group of preschoolers working together at a table

Play & Child Development

Children are marvelous learning machines—born ready to learn. Through play, they learn to make choices and navigate relationships. Making play dough helps them learn the science of mixing and heating. Blocks teach symmetry, gravity, design, and math concepts such as fractions. While doing all this play, children also learn colors, shapes, letters, and executive function skills such as reasoning, problem solving and planning.

Play allows your child to:

  • Proceed at his or her own pace
  • Observe others
  • Take learning risks
  • Develop focus
  • Try on different roles
  • Develop the ability to make and follow rules
  • Work collaboratively
  • Learn basic concepts of physics, mathematics, and science
  • Enhance verbal and language skills
  • Practice social skills
  • Learn problem solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Take responsibility
  • Make choices and decisions
  • Become emotionally resilient
  • Develop critical thinking and listening skills
  • Be actively engaged
  • Develop into life-long, self-directed learners

Updated 11/15/2014