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preschool girl having a snack of apple slices

Our Food Program

Homewood Early Learning Center cares about the health of your child and strives to provide the highest level of nutrition in the food we serve. We meet and/or exceed the standards of the Child and Adult Care Food Program.


Homewood ELC provides Enfamil Premium Infant Formula with Iron. Parents are asked to supply other formula or breast milk that your baby drinks, along with all food, until your child is able to eat the menu foods provided by the center.

Toddlers, Two-Year-Olds and Preschoolers

Toddlers, two-year-olds and preschoolers bring their own lunches. The center provides breakfast at 9am, an afternoon snack of fruits, vegetables or whole grains at 3pm and organic milk at lunch time.

Enjoyable Mealtimes

To make mealtimes more enjoyable, your child will eat together with his or her peers and a staff member to create a pleasant dining experience that promotes language development, self-help skills and healthy eating habits.

Updated 10/1/2016