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preschoolers playing with musical instruments

Our Learning Environment

Many young children spend a major portion of their waking lives in child care. Children and teachers live and work together for the entire day, so the learning environment is carefully planned and arranged.

The classrooms are inviting, stimulating, comfortable, and safe places for young children. Classrooms are divided into learning centers, including dramatic play, blocks, art, music, science, sensory, workbench, and language and literacy. Each area helps your child construct knowledge through the use of varied materials, some open-ended and some with specific uses. Your child's classroom has space for large group interactions as well as cozy, but easily supervised areas if your child needs privacy or quiet time after frequent group interaction.

Your child's classroom is spacious, preventing overcrowding, and the multipurpose room allows your child the needed space to move freely and work large muscles. We strive to keep children with the same caregivers in the same room for the year. As children develop during the year, the classroom changes to meet their needs.

Updated 12/11/2014