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two-year-old playing in a garden

Our Philosophy

Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC) is a place where, as researchers Cooper and Jones said, "Children play to get smart!" It is an early care and education center where young children are enriched by each other, caring relationships with the teachers, a stimulating environment, and a carefully planned emergent curriculum - meaning the curriculum emerges from the strengths, needs and interests of the children.

Educational research supports our philosophy that young children learn best when they're nurtured by caring adults and comfortable routines yet have the freedom to explore what they care about - be it dragonflies, dinosaurs, backhoes, or Winnie the Pooh. We trust children to select activities that build on their previous knowledge and skills so that they drive their learning. That said, children's play may be guided if needed to ensure that the child's needs are met. Our focus on child development and play allows children to meaningfully integrate physical, social, cognitive and academic growth while they pursue their own interests and learn to cooperate in a group.

Updated 12/11/2014