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Our Center

The Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC) accommodates children, ages 10 weeks through preschool, in a new building that is specifically designed for the unique needs of young children. The child care center is built on the former Stony Run parking lot, located at the corner of Wyman Park Drive and Remington Avenue along the southwestern edge of the Homewood campus.

The building is over 11,000 square feet, which provides ample space for play and learning, well beyond the area allocations required by state child care regulations. The building includes classroom spaces as well as destination areas such as an indoor multi-purpose/large motor room and a library that expand the opportunities for activities beyond those that can be easily accommodated in the classrooms.

The center has an expansive outdoor play area that is nearly twice as large as the building. Areas of the play yard are specifically designed for younger children and preschoolers with a wide variety of play experiences that focus on child-directed exploration and nature-based play.

Updated 08/24/2015