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preschoolers playing in the sand on the playground

Center Features

Architects and early childhood learning experts have been extensively involved in the design of Homewood ELC. The main circulation connecting all classrooms to the entrance, multipurpose room and direct access to the playgrounds has been designed to provide a welcoming, unifying and engaging set of spaces inside the building. Angled wall sections that vary in length and orientation define spaces of different character throughout the center and their more playful geometry provides a contrast with the simple, right angles of the exterior.

This layout creates alcove areas that are ideal for conversations and small impromptu gatherings, and expands the play opportunities beyond the classroom. These spaces in the corridors during the quieter times at the center are used for story time, block construction or child-inspired dramatic play. Elements such as a ball chute wall and display areas for the children's artwork are also incorporated into these public areas to engage children and their families. Also, the areas at each of two access points to the play yard serve as mud rooms for transitioning between outdoor and indoor play activities.

Inside the center, high quality products enhance the nurturing and stimulating environment for children. The main source for child-size wooden furniture, bookcases, room dividers, toys and blocks is a well-known supplier in early childhood education. All products are made from low emitting materials with no known hazards so that children breathe healthy air and use natural materials.

The center also has:

  • Bright, sunny classrooms
  • A large outdoor play yard with areas designed for specific age groups
  • A deck for active outdoor play and container gardening of vegetables and flowers
  • Short-term parking for parents and stroller space for those who walk
  • A JHU Shuttle stop nearby

Updated 11/3/2016