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two-year-old girl running on a campus with an adult behind her

Our History

In September 2014, Johns Hopkins University announced plans to open a child care center on the Homewood campus. This much anticipated announcement followed years of advocacy for additional child care resources and recent momentum by university leadership to answer this need.

DBCC Chosen to Operate the Center

Following a rigorous and competitive selection process, the university selected Downtown Baltimore Child Care Inc. (DBCC) to operate and manage the center. DBCC was chosen after an extensive review process that took into account high staff-to-child ratios and strong staff credentials—factors that early childhood researchers emphasize are part of high-quality programs. Learn more about DBCC's history and commitment to high quality child care.

A Brief History of DBCC

Learn more about the process for determining the need and supply of child care near Homewood, and the process for selecting a partner to manage the center.

Responding to the Need for Child Care on the Homewood Campus

Site Development and Center Construction

The first phase of the new child care center involves constructing a facility on the former Stony Run parking lot, located at the corner of Wyman Park Drive and Remington Avenue along the southwestern edge of the Homewood campus. Site development began Fall 2014 with the removal of the parking lot surface, followed by renovation and mitigation of the site. Routine testing indicated old petroleum contamination in spots. University officials believe such contamination is likely part of the soil brought in decades ago to the fill the site. The construction plans included remediating contamination across the entire site to ensure the project exceeds applicable state safety standards. Then, a modular, one level building was assembled on-site to house the child care center.

Center Opening

The center opened in August 2015.  We are accepting applications here: submit an application.

Updated 11/3/2016