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two teachers with toddlers playing with toys at a table

Our Staff

   One of the most important factors in determining the quality of an early childhood program is the quality of its staff. This has been a guiding principle from the earliest planning conversations for Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC). As hiring continues, high quality and nurturing staff will be the emphasis.

Children do best when there are sufficient numbers of trained adults available on a consistent basis. Specialized staff training is critical. Teachers must understand how young children grow and learn, and how to teach them in ways that support each child's uniqueness. Because young children need close adult attention and supervision for their safety and to help them thrive, the total group size and the number of children per adult is limited.

All center staff are employed by Downtown Baltimore Child Care, Inc. (DBCC) and work under the leadership of DBCC's executive director.

Highly Trained Educators

Homewood ELC is staffed by a center director, assistant director, mentor teachers and classroom teachers who are professionally trained and experienced in early childhood education and child development. Led by a bachelors-level head teacher in each room, teachers work as a team sharing responsibilities for planning experiences consistent with Homewood ELC's developmentally appropriate curriculum for each child and his or her group.

The teaching team is comprised of a highly qualified, dedicated, caring group of full- and part-time staff, diversified in their education and training with a range of degrees in early childhood or related fields through the master's level. They receive regular professional development to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

High Quality Care and Teaching

Quality child care is labor intensive. The younger the children, the smaller the group, and the more adults needed per child. Licensing ratios are met at all times. During the core hours of the day, Homewood ELC's teacher/child ratios exceed Maryland State Licensing Requirements.

For example:

RoomMaryland Required


Infant1 : 31 : 2
Toddler1 : 3     1 : 2.5
Two-year-olds1 : 61 : 4
Preschool1 : 10   1 : 5


Updated 11/3/2016