Enrollment & Tuition

Homewood Early Learning Center (HW ELC) enrolls children from 10 weeks through preschool and has a rolling application process that accepts children anytime there is a space open in a classroom. That said, most children start in mid-August at the beginning of a new academic year. We begin our initial fall enrollment process in the spring and admit most of the children at that time. We keep a waiting list of applicants in the event that a classroom experiences a vacancy.

We encourage you to submit an application for your child well in advance of your need — in fact, as soon as you know that you will need care. When expecting a baby, please apply as early as possible.

Enrollment at Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC) is open to all, including community members who may not be affiliated with Johns Hopkins. However, enrollment is based on admission priorities.

We will notify you as soon as space becomes available. If you choose to accept the space, you will sign a tuition agreement and submit a deposit of one month’s tuition.

Applications & Admission Policies

Enrollment at Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC) is open to all, including community members who may not be affiliated with Johns Hopkins. Homewood ELC follows a priority admission system along with other admission procedures.

Review this section of the website to learn about procedures guiding admission, the waiting list, child care schedules, enrollment and other essential topics. We review our enrollment policies and procedures regularly, and they are subject to change.

One of our most important policies is that Homewood ELC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, cultural heritage, gender, religion, marital status, age, national origin or ancestry, political beliefs, disability or special needs, medical condition, sexual orientation, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state, or local laws.

Admission Priority

Because spaces in the Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC) are in high demand, the following priority system is used for admission. To be considered for priority admission you must accurately provide information about your employment at Johns Hopkins on the application form.

Please note that the priority system is used in combination with the date of your completed application, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you know that you will need care. (Note: an application is complete when the nonrefundable $45 application fee is received.)

Admission priority is offered in the following order:

  • Children with siblings already enrolled at the center, and children of Homewood ELC staff
  • JHU faculty and staff of the following divisions: Krieger School of Arts & Sciences, Libraries & Museums, Whiting School of Engineering, Homewood Student Affairs, University Administration
  • JHU postdocs, fellows and graduate students of Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering
  • JHU faculty and staff of the following divisions: Carey Business School, Peabody Institute, School of Advanced International Studies, School of Education, Academic Centers, Advanced Physics Lab
  • JHU faculty, staff and trainees of Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Medicine, School of Nursing
  • JHU postdocs, fellows, residents, house staff and graduate/medical students not previously prioritized
  • Other Johns Hopkins affiliated employees
  • Community members
Sibling Priority

If you have a child currently enrolled or a child who is an alumnus of Homewood Early Learning Center (ELC), you must submit a new application and a nonrefundable $45 application fee to enroll a sibling. Your new application will be prioritized by date, but sibling applications submitted by enrolled families will receive priority over applications submitted by non-enrolled families. Learn more about admission priority.

A five percent (5%) reduction in tuition is given to families who enroll two or more full-time children, from the same immediate family. The five percent reduction applies to the oldest child/children.


We believe that when you compare Homewood ELC tuition rates to comparable options, you will find that our tuition is competitive and delivers exceptional value. We evaluate Homewood ELC’s staff compensation, other center expenses and tuition rates on an annual basis to ensure that we maintain our ability to competitively recruit teachers and provide high-quality care at a cost that is within reach of our families.

Age GroupFull-time Monthly Tuition
10 weeks – 24 months (Infants & Toddlers)$2,114
25 – 36 months (Twos)$1,881
Preschool > 36 months$1,607

Homewood ELC also charges:

  • An annual materials fee of $100 payable in two $50 increments with your September and February payments
  • An annual accident insurance fee of $5 payable in September or upon enrollment
  • Fees for special activities as they occur

Please remember that parents are responsible for providing lunch, and the center will provide breakfast, a morning snack for older infants and toddlers, and an afternoon snack.

Program Cost and Value
  • Tuition is market rate yet provides excellent, high quality child care.
  • High quality child care is labor intensive:
    • More staff (exceeds State required ratios)
    • Better staff (exceeds required minimum credentials)
  • DBCC operates the program based on parent fees.
  • Johns Hopkins University divisions and central administration are:
    • Committed to incorporating the center in the Homewood Master Plan.
    • Contributing to the operating costs of the facility and program.
Waiting List

The Homewood Early Learning Center has a wait list for all developmental age groups: infant/toddler, two-year-olds and preschool. Selections from the wait list are based on the admission priorities and procedures.

Please understand that entry onto the wait list does not guarantee enrollment at the center, and it is wise to plan for other care. LOCATE: Child Care is a resource and referral service that can support your search for care. Request service by calling 1-877-261-0060. Community families can also complete this form, and Hopkins families can complete this form to request service from LOCATE.

While on the wait list, applicants may contact the center at any time. The center will reach out to you on a periodic basis via email to update your information and confirm your continued interest.

We will contact you if a space becomes available. You will be offered an opportunity to remain at the top of the waiting list if you decline our first offer of a space. If you decline a second offer, you will be removed from the waiting list. If you are removed from the list, you will need to reapply in the future if you want a space.

Each sibling must complete a separate application. If your priority admission status changes while on the waiting list, your acceptance offer will be based on your status at the time a space becomes available. If you are on the waiting list and no longer need to be, please contact the center to let us know.