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mother cheek to cheek with toddler daughter

For Our Parents

Parents’ Communication with the Center

We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions! 

Each child has a mailbox in his or her classroom. Any notices, memos, newsletters or notes from the teacher or the office will be placed in this mailbox. Please try to check it daily.

Center staff will use email to communicate with parents, and parents are encouraged to use email or phone calls to communicate with the center. Infant and toddler teachers tend to communicate mostly by phone, daily contact sheets and face-to-face. Please note: teachers are attending to children and are only able to check email sporadically throughout the day. Please contact the office if you want a message delivered promptly.

Please visit the center as often as you wish or call with any questions or comments. The center director and teachers are always eager to talk with you about your child or the program.

Sharing Your Talents

We welcome your talents  . . .  Can you:

  • Build, paint, do small repairs?
  • Read aloud to one or more children?
  • Share science and math activities?
  • Dance or play an instrument?
  • Sew, knit, or make other crafts?
  • Plan a cooking project?
  • Assist in the classroom, on a field trip or in some other way?

Let your child's teacher or the center director know about your desire to share your talents and we'll be happy to discuss what might work best for the children.

Updated 11/20/2020